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Staff recruiting

How to create a perfect team

No doubt, that it is really hard and might even be impossible to control business processes alone: to sell your products, hold events, communicate with customers, keep your venue clean, create posts for social media, keep a financial record and much more things which are needed to be done to operate a profitable business. Thus, in this article we gathered all the information you should be aware of before choosing your future “dream team”. We will talk about the specifics of working in the VR industry and what you should pay attention to when recruiting staff.

How many people are working on the arena?

It depends on different factors and the first one is - what type of the arena you got. According to our brochure and technical capabilities of the game, from 2 to 16 people can play at the same time. Moreover, you may hold celebrations where many more people can be: parents with kids under 5 years, relatives, friends and so on. So to create a pleasant atmosphere and a positive overall experience from a party in your venue you need to pay attention to every request from each customer. In the beginning for small arenas 2-3 people who will be operating the whole VR club is more than enough. For bigger places, for example venues which allow to host parties for 10-20 people it is necessary to have 4-5 people to help the customers and control the event. And finally for huge VR parks where 30+ people can have a celebration it is good to have 6+ employees to make sure everything is alright. But here is the question: what are these people and what do they do?

There are a few posts with certain jobs for your staff to do while working in a VR club, but in the beginning one or two people can combine them. For example there might be a manager and two operators, but most of their jobs will be quite the same at the start. But we will tell you more about each post and what their obligations are.


It is the main person in the venue. In short: he manages and controls everything. He is in charge of staff management. This employee must maintain the work schedule of the location's employees, maintain the working atmosphere and discipline in the team, train newcomers and help them adapt to the team. He shall also provide administrative and economic support for the viability of the location. And finally control the service, diversity of the programs and overall club operation.


That is the person who can also work as an operator. His main responsibility is customers’ comfort. He should greet them, when you enter the venue, consult them via phone and in real life if they have any questions. Also, it is necessary to be aware of all special offers, upcoming programs and all the services your venue provides to be ready to answer the questions and advise the best option for customers.


He is the main helper to your customers. Operator needs to prepare the headsets for the game and check the charge level, launch the game and measure the time of the session. This person should also carefully control the game, adjust the headsets, so that they will comfortably sit on the head, clean them after the game, take photos in real life and screenshot the gameplay on the tablet during the session and also be aware of all the rules of using the app and headsets. He is the person who explains the principle of the game to the guests. Operators should also confirm the reservations and collect post-game feedback from customers.

SMM manager

These are the main jobs in VR venues, but there are a couple other things that should be done by your staff to boost your business. You should not forget about promotion of your place, thus it’s important to think of having an SMM manager. How your company looks on social media and sells its services through it depends on this specialist. Creating stories, short videos and posts, writing sales texts, searching for relevant groups in social networks for advertising placement, monitoring company mentions are the main responsibilities that need to be done. You can have your own specialist on staff or outsource these tasks.

Sales manager

The next job can be done by the operators, but if you have an opportunity to hire 1-2 persons more that should be better. We mean a sales manager, who needs to answer the phone calls from potential customers and consult them to find the perfect service for their request. Working with current clients: reminders on their reservations, calls and mailings about upcoming events, collecting feedback is also an important part of the sales manager job.


And finally, you should remember that the main source of income for VR venues is hosting huge celebrations. It's hard work to be capable of organizing such big events, thus there should be a specialist to control all the necessary things. Preparing a script for the event, administering and supervising the event, agreeing the budget and finding contractors are the main responsibilities. However, at the beginning the manager is quite good for this role.

To conclude it is important to mention that it is worthwhile to take a responsible attitude to the choosing staff, because these people are the ones who are going to boost your business!