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The next intriguing topic that we are going to discuss is what are the customers of VR venues and how can you reach them. There are a bunch of categories which you should keep in mind, thus you will be able to build a good marketing strategy, reach your potential customers and then create a loyal audience. Our games are designed for all ages and interests from 5 year old kids to brutal grown man, but it’s important to be aware of who is going to make a final decision to purchase your products.


Moms with their kids from 5 to 16 years old who are worried about how they spend their leisure time and holidays. They are ready to spend great sums of money, if they see it’s worth it. BATTLE START games are not only a great way to get new emotions, make the most of your time and have fun, but also a perfect option to be on the same page with your child and surprise him\her and his\her friends with a non-standard party for a birthday for example. Also you can create special programs with additional activities and master classes to attract parents who are looking for a healthy leisure time for their kids. The common rebuttal is a strong opinion that VR is not good for eyes and mental health, but it can be easily worked out by providing info from official sources refuting these facts. And you can reach your target audience of "Moms" through social media, communities of active moms, and your VR venue's website's prominence in a search query.


These are grown men 25+, who in common already have a family and want to spend their free time on the weekdays’ evenings or at weekends with them or their family. They might be interested in different ways of spending their time actively and surprise their loved ones. That kind of people are into going out and having fun in amusement parks, laser tag clubs or simply in a restaurant. But the common problem among adults is inability to gather the team all together. Open VR games in your venue might be a good solution to this issue. You need to communicate with this group through online and offline banner ads, social media and even through bloggers on YouTube.

Active people

These are men and women between the ages of 25 and 35 who lead an active lifestyle, spend their leisure time with friends on quests, quizzes, in restaurants, rarely spend weekends at home and are always looking for new activities. This group can be reached through search terms, "Where to Go" format aggregators, on social media and through bloggers.

HR and managers

Commonly these are women 25-35 years old, who themselves love to spend time in some interesting places, so VR will be perfect for it. One of their responsibilities is to maintain a healthy team environment, so they are in search of some place for team buildings and corporate evenings. They listen to fellow colleagues, survey company employees, and draw information from social media. And an event in your VR place could be a perfect way to solve HR's issues, because employees will socialize and get to know each other. Our games will bring together a team with different interests in a place where everyone will feel comfortable and have fun. It is important to remember that HR is not the customer of the service, it is the performer. The decision is made by the manager.


These are the fans of games broadly speaking. They follow the trends in the entertainment industry and are always in search of new genres and exciting things to try, but sometimes are scared to go outside the box. BATTLE START games are perfect in that case, because it’s a good opportunity to give yourself a new level of emotions due to full immersion and also find some usual mechanics in the gameplay. It might be a problem in assembling a team to play, but you can set a couple of hours a day for public games. This audience can be reached via social networks, YouTube, Twitch and bloggers.


Commonly they have their own pocket money and usually spend it on various kinds of entertainment. Teenagers want to be in the spotlight, spend leisure time with friends and find interesting places to come over. Social media is the easiest way to reach teenagers.


They don’t make any decisions to purchase the product, but they can influence their parents to do that. Wide range of BATTLE START’s VR products will make a strong will to come more, spend free time and, of course, celebrate special occasions. You should post lots of live video content from real celebrations to show how amazing any event can be in your place.