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Just for the start it is necessary to mention that for the past few years our company has developed games and formats of gameplay for any type of target audience. But moreover we’ve created different arenas’ format, so that any entrepreneur who wants to start a VR business could find a suitable option for his abilities and ambitions. In this article we will explain all the nuances and differences in operation of every format we currently have.
First and foremost there is a diversity in gameplay. Due to dozens of requests from our partners our team has come up with a great solution for small premises and the gameplay there differs from our familiar games that we had already released. There the players are able to admire a huge game map which is over 600 sqm and navigate around it via portals. This format is perfect for small places somewhere in a shopping mall or as an additional activity for a thematic amusement park or children’s playground with a constant flow of customers. Financial model in that case will be charging people per minute. It is possible thanks to two different modes in BATTLE START’s app for operating the game. For each round you can set any time from one to ten minutes. Mini arena format works for 4 and 8 players, however the more players can come to you the more variety of services and charging you can offer. Starting from 8 players you can set a special lounge zone for your customers with additional activities for example Play Station or air hockey. That will help you to create new offers for your customers or host events.
But if you are ready to start huge straight away, the next option will definitely meet your needs. Our free roam format gives a huge opportunity for big companies to come and play all together at the same time. Now players will be able to freely move around the game map, communicate with their teammates and create their own strategy to win without any boundaries. Depending on the game there will be some nuances, as in the Zombie game, for example, real columns and walls will be marked with red squares and lines, and the monsters can attack you through them. But the main mechanics will still remain the same. Moreover, big places are perfect for celebrating special occasions, thus you can create additional services or exclusive tariffs and increase your profit. It is also necessary to have a special lounge zine for relaxation and dining, thus the customers will feel comfortable during their celebration.
The next difference between these types of arenas is the number of stuff. For small arenas 2 operators will be enough. The main things that will be their responsibilities are setting up the headsets before the game, greeting customers and giving them brief instructions on how to play, controlling the game process, cleaning the headsets after the game and taking payments. But when it comes to big arenas and huge VR parks, many more people are involved in the business process. When we talk about hosting events, you'll encounter more than just setting up the headsets. You’ll face purchasing of consumables for master classes, contractor search, creating new thematic programs and much more. Usually 3-4 people are working in VR clubs for 8-16 players and up to 6-7 are in the VR parks, which can accept more players than that.
And another difference between these types of VR venues is usually location. Commonly mini arenas without a lounge zone are located in some high traffic places, for example, in a shopping mall. In that case per minute charging works more than fine because of the constant flow of customers. For example, parents will be able to leave their children in some safe, interesting place and go shopping for that while the children are enjoying colorful VR games. On the contrary bigger arenas have more variety in that point: they could be placed in a shopping mall as well or in an free-standing building somewhere in the residential area, for instance. In most of the cases the location will depend on rental cost. You should keep in mind that rental cost should not be over 20% of your total profit.
To sum all the things mentioned above, it is needless to say that every type of arena is a good way to start a business in a new fast-growing industry. Despite the nuances, each type of VR venue with BATTLE START will bring profit to you and unforgettable experience and joy to your customers.