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Equipment for VR venue

As you may consider the heart of your VR business and the most important thing to think of before starting is the right equipment. To find the best option you should be aware of all possible variants and how these technologies affect the quality of user experience and what factors should be kept in mind while choosing and implementing them. In this article we will focus on the key aspects of virtual reality club equipment, exploring everything, from VR headsets to the computers and additional accessories.


No doubt, high-quality, durable VR headsets are one of the keys to success in that kind of business and the first thing to consider, while purchasing the equipment. Today there are dozens of models of VR headsets, but not all of them are suitable for free-roaming VR games. Our games support Meta Quest 2\3 and Pico 4 headsets. Each model has unconditional advantages! Here we will discuss all the nuances of working with each headset.

The Quest 2 first hit the market in October 2020 and was generally conceived as a headset for home use. Accordingly, it navigates perfectly in a small area and also has a wide range of single-player games in completely different genres. Moreover, Quest 2 will be able to provide additional sales in your venue at the expense of its single-player capabilities and more accessible video playback! However, if we're talking about free movement arenas and constant motion, the Quest 2 may not work as stable and get lost in space. Despite the fact that it’s kind of a modern headset, in a couple of years Meta will stop releasing any updates for the Quest 2 and support it completely. Meta Quest 2 is one of the cheapest options and to reduce initial costs for the equipment it is suitable, but for a long term it will be way better to consider some other models.

Pico 4 headset is not so expensive too, but on the contrary works stably and is more durable. 4 cameras allow the headset to calibrate easily, navigate the area and be aware of the surroundings. Thus, the players avoid colliding and accordingly the overall impression of the game is much brighter and more positive. In fact Pico 4 headsets are lighter weight and thus more comfortable to wear for both children and adults. There are also plenty of accessories, which make the usage of this device easier.

The most expensive option is Meta Quest 3. Meta presented this headset in October 2023 and definitely hit the market. Nowadays, Meta Quest 3 surpasses the previous version in every respect. The headset is 40% thinner which makes the experience in virtual reality more comfortable and allows you to play longer. The Quest 3 is faster and more powerful than its predecessor thanks to Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset.

According to Meta, this chipset «delivers graphics performance more than twice as fast as the previous generation Snapdragon graphics core in the Quest 2». However, keep in mind that a more expensive model will have a longer payback period, although it is able to offer a higher average check.

So finally, it is up to you to choose what headset will be perfect for you and meet your needs and financial capabilities.


The next step is to choose a good tablet to easily use our software. A tablet is convenient for VR clubs because you can control the game from any place around the arena. Also, you will be able to broadcast the game on TV for example and impress your customers with the newest graphics and active gameplay. By the way, not every Android device is good for our game, but there are not so many crucial characteristics to keep in mind. Firstly it should be released no later than 2020, because our software doesn't support older devices. The RAM should not be less than 6GM or the software won’t have enough space to install correctly. The last but not the least thing is CPU. It needs to be about 3 GHz, for example the Snapdragon 860. We recommend the Xiaomi Pad 5\6.


Another crucial thing to freely use our games is good internet connection. The headsets are connected to the tablet via Wi-Fi network, so it is important to choose a WI-FI router that meets all the specifications. Router needs to support WiFi 802.11 ac or higher and MU-MIMO. The recommended models are Xiaomi AX 6000/9000, TP-Link archer C64 or higher. You can have another router of another model for customers and operators in your VR venue.


There are a couple of other devices, which are necessary to have in a VR venue. They can greatly enhance the appeal and functionality of your VR club, creating a more immersive experience for customers. Firstly, it is a computer. It is used to download the archive with the software and then launch the game to all requested devices. There is also a special app called Spectator which allows you to broadcast the gameplay on any devices you like and thus show your customers what VR experience they can have. Computers also help in managing reservations, tracking statistics and keeping all systems running good. Secondly you need to think about the comfort of your customers and apply additional services for them. TV, PlayStation 5 and other game consoles will only expand your club's entertainment options by offering guests alternative forms of entertainment. Also, it is great to have a musical background in your place. Quality music systems create a pleasant atmosphere and also can be used during the celebrations and disco parties. You can also add some additional services to attract customers and diversify your programs, for example, air hockey or a couple of headsets for single games.

All of this together not only enhances the overall experience of visiting your VR club, but also attracts a wider audience, increasing your revenue potential. Additional amenities and entertainment make your club a preferred destination for a diverse group of сustomers, from families with children to serious gamers and tech enthusiasts.