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Top 3 games for VR arenas

Top 3 games for VR arenas

For virtual reality arena owners, the quality of the games is always important. After all, the more interesting the games, the more visitors you get. The team of BATTLE START, a VR franchise with 137 arenas, has practically studied the preferences of visitors and created its own rating of games that bring maximum pleasure to customers and profit to club owners. Save this top ranking so you don't forget which games will bring customers and success to your virtual reality club!

Top 3 games from Battle Start

1. Party

The clubs' main source of income is children's birthday parties. Parents often ask for peaceful games, and it is just such a case. Generates up to 50% of your income!
+ The whole family can play, including children over 5 years old.
+ Maximum player density thanks to the large amount of space on the maps. We can launch up to 16 people in one arena.
- Adults may consider the game childish until they try it themselves.
There are eight different games for adults and children, targeting audiences of different ages. «Party» can be played by the whole family. Number of players is up to 16 people. Eight uniquely interesting worlds will appeal to everyone including children from 5 years old, teenagers, parents, and even members of the older generation.
We often hear from franchisees that such games are not necessary, but there are real cases and our own experience, which showed that such games, aimed at children and family entertainment format, can bring up to 50% of the club's revenue. Therefore, you shouldn't give up on «childish» games. Especially since it is interesting for adults to play such kind and bright games.
And it's especially great to play them with the kids! Moms approve: Party is perfect for birthday or graduation parties. Sometimes adults also want to go back to childhood, and therefore this Party is very popular among customers.

2. Zombie

All against the zombies! It’s a perfect option for parties, team buildings, family nights, and friends who don't want to fight against each other. Players will face several waves of zombies, which adjust in difficulty to the number and abilities of the players.
+ Players act as part of the same team.
+ Suitable for an odd number of players.
+ The game adjusts the difficulty to the way players play.
- The difficulty is not always high enough for adults.
Entertainment for real men! This game is a Bloody Shooter, designed for four or more players (depending on the area of the arena). Participants play on the same team, so you can entertain an odd number of guests.
The uniqueness of the game is that it adapts to the level of the players, and therefore even those who put on the headsets and «see zombies» for the first time in their lives will be able to pass it. Perhaps for experienced players the game «Zombie» will seem too simple, but it is perfect for the majority of newcomers.

3. Battle

A fantasy team-to-team shooter where each player has a unique weapon.
+ Wide PVP Audience.
+ Can be played over and over again. High rate of customer retention
- Avid gamers will only play once.
A serious game for gritty, brutal, mature, and experienced players. It dives you into the fantasy world to be saved. The game is amazing in its realism and graphics.
There are some really interesting and cool missions here, and each team member has the opportunity to choose their unique weapon — from an assault rifle to a throwing knife. All of this along with interesting plot twists will bring to the club those who want to play a real Battle. The number of players can be from 6 to 16 people.

What else can create traffic for a VR club?

This game is the «Counterstrike» of the VR world. Super realistic shooter. There's a night mode, 14 weapons, grenades, and first aid kits, in 4 game modes.
+ Suitable for adults and avid gamers.
+ Deep mechanics — you can play dozens of times and still be interesting.
- The control of the game is more complicated than in other games.
- The theme is not suitable for children.
- Fewer people need more space to play comfortably.
It is perfect for a company of six players as a tactical game in which there are several modes, an arms race, one or more lives and much more. Amazingly realistic graphics appeal to both young people and adults.
Tactics is a game for real, strong men and belligerent women. And most importantly, it can be played multiple times, as each time the game scenario changes depending on the team and the players' abilities.
Summing up the results, it is important to have a wide range of both children's and adult games, as this will maximize the audience of the arena and attract new customers. And BATTLE START franchisees get all of these games!