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Last week our team participated in an exhibition in Bangkok. We’ve gained lots of experience and knowledge and are now ready to share it with you. Our team put so much work in preparation for IAAPA EXPO 2024 and are happy with the results we’ve received!
The main purpose of participating in that kind of event is getting new contacts with the entrepreneurs from all around the world. This time we’ve managed to communicate with amazing people from China, USA, India, Belgium, Malaysia, of course, Thailand and many more countries.
The second one is of course presenting our VR products. This time we creatively designed our booth and built a mini - arena, so that our potential customers could play all of our VR games. Everyone was astonished with the graphics, unique gameplay and the design of our app. In just one click we could switch the game from bright and colourful PARTY to brutal TACTICS, adjust the time of each round and show how the game looks from the player’s perspective. Not only were the adults impressed, but we were so happy to see that their children were more than glad to play “Team fishing” or “Harvest battle”. Our team proved that our software is easy to operate and the product itself is perfectly suitable for any target audience.
The next point is learning more about the peculiarity of our niche in different countries. Thanks to the exhibition’s experience we’ve reconsidered our strategy and came up with new ideas. Moreover we’ve redesigned our commercial offer for future partners and dealers, and now it meets the needs of both parties. To get new relevant information on our VR products submit an application and your personal manager will contact you directly.
Our team was impressed with other products that have been presented at the exhibition. The entertainment industry is powerful and it was good to realise that our games are a part of this ecosystem. We’ve seen dozens of attractions and amazing products and have built strong connections and found ways to collaborate with the most innovative and exciting ones.
In conclusion, it’s important to note that we’re looking to next exhibitions to meet our potential partners there and gain more and more experience. Maybe next time we’ll meet exactly you, who’s reading this article right now, and open your new VR venue together.